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From the Desk of: Terry Thompson (international Bestselling Author)

Re: Author Training, Consulting, and Networking

Hi, my name is Terry Thompson and I’m an author just like you.

 As someone who has helped thousands of authors around the world with the tips, tools, techniques, processes, procedures, strategies, and resources I’ve discovered that are designed to skyrocket your success and become a Bestselling Author, I’m here to tell you the truth you need to know RIGHT NOW if you want to succeed with selling more books, increasing your social media presence, and networking with other Bestselling Authors just like you!



Many authors suffer from the idea that promoting books is hard, growing your social media takes too much time, and creating a stunning website requires a lot of technical experience.

But nothing could be further from the truth.
And if you’re an author who wants to sell more books, gain more visibility on social media, and network with other Bestselling Authors… I’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.
But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you…
I remember not too long ago; I was a struggling author trying to sell more books and gain visibility across social media.
The thing is, at the time I was making very little book sales and getting zero engagement on my social media. It was very frustrating, stressful, and seemed impossible. You could say I was completely overwhelmed and was ready to give up.
The big problem was that the platforms I published my books on controlled who got to see my books, ever changing social media algorithms made it harder to gain visibility and advertising dollars were increasing all the time. That meant I wasn’t making very many book sales, gaining any traction on social media, and I felt like giving up as an author, which was quickly crushing my dream of becoming a bestselling author.

Then, something amazing happened . . . 

I discovered exactly how to take control of my own destiny as an author by optimizing my books, author central profile, website, and social media!

Instantly it became crystal clear to me that with just a few small optimizations here and there; that made all the difference. So much of a difference that I saw an instant improvement resulting in the fact that I looked and acted more professional as an author, which attracted more people to me, my books, and my social media.
My plan started with optimizing my book description, my website, and my social media to attract more visibility and interest from potential readers who wanted to connect with an author just like me but did not yet know I even existed.
So, I started optimizing my book descriptions with keywords I discovered through techniques I learned to connect with readers on a much deeper level. But I didn’t stop there.
I then optimized my social media with clearly defined calls to action, better graphics, impactful messaging, and a wider variety of topics to arouse interest in my message, my books, and so much more.
After that, I optimized my website to be visually stunning with clearly visible lead magnets and calls to action to grow my email list, my social media, and other opportunities from me that did not confuse anyone when they visited my website.


In the end I was able to increase my social media presence, interest in my message, and ultimately more sales of my books, training courses, and so much more.

Building on that success, I decided to create a course so I can teach you the exact same tips, tools, techniques, processes, procedures, strategies, and methods I used so you can achieve the same results MUCH FASTER than it took me.

I call this course “Author Authority”

With Author Authority I can now share with you everything you need to know that will help you gain the confidence, clarity, and commitment to skyrocket your success, becoming the Bestselling Author you always dreamed of being. Just like me when I first got started!
And that’s why I’m so excited to share this opportunity with you so you can get these types of results too!

Let me introduce you to “Author Authority”. A course which provides you with a variety of tips, tools, techniques, processes, procedures, strategies, coaching and training to optimize your books, social media, website and so much more so you can gain the visibility you deserve leading to more book sales, influence, and impact as an author!

“Author Authority” makes it simple for you to:

… and much, MUCH more!

And What makes this even better?

Now you never have to worry about where to begin, what to do, and how to do it ever again!
Which also means you’re not stuck feeling like your books will never gain the attention they need to increase sales, you will never gain any traction on social media, and potential readers will not have a way to connect with more from you.
And best of all… you’ll start seeing results from the strategies you implement with “Author Authority” in as little as a week and it costs about the same as a large latte from your favorite coffee shop.

So again, if you’re an author who wants to sell more books and gain more visibility on social media, understand this:


Then, “Author Authority” is the course that holds the key to your success with proven author training, 1 on 1 consulting, and networking opportunities that will skyrocket your results faster than you ever thought possible.


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This training program and networking opportunity is the shortcut for you to discover the exact tips, tools, techniques, processes, procedures, strategies, and resources that other bestselling authors are using which enables you to increase book sales, social media presence, clarity, and peace of mind ultimately earning you the title of Bestselling Author. Inside the member zone you will discover exclusive training videos that will help you optimize your book description that gets your book(s) noticed, optimize your social media profiles so you can increase your social media presence, promote your books with confidence, create a press or media kit, and so much more . . .

This private Facebook group helps you to network with other bestselling authors just like you which enables you to ask questions, learn, and discover from other bestselling authors and provide support so you will have peace of mind knowing you are not alone on your journey to becoming a Bestselling Author.

This interview is an opportunity for you to share your valuable knowledge and experience so that other authors can learn from you. Your interview will also be shared across social media to help increase visibility and awareness so authors and readers alike can connect with you.

This monthly Zoom call is a great way to discover trending, old or even new tips, tools, techniques, processes, procedures, strategies, and resources to skyrocket your success to sell more books, increase your social media presence, and making your dream come true of becoming a Bestselling Author.

This one hour 1 on 1 consulting opportunity holds the keys for me to take you by the hand and show you the exact tips, tools, techniques, processes, procedures, strategies, and resources that will expedite your dream of becoming a Bestselling Author much FASTER.


 Here’s to your success!
P.S. If you’re an author who wants to sell more books and gain more visibility on social media, then Author Authority is the solution you’ve been looking for… let’s get started today! I cannot wait to meet you and help you discover exactly what it takes to become a Bestselling Author!
Terry Thompson 
International Best Selling Author